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Penelope Evans, author, believes crime happens to us all on many levels. It doesn’t have to involve a body and a detective. It can be a remark, a small action, a mistake. Crimes, if that is what they are, are only part of the story. Her characters appear ordinary yet they are often far from it. Penelope writes across genres.
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The Brief Lives Of Ella Jenner

At the age of six Ella sees her mother push her father down the stairs. As the police arrive, her mother murmurs, Tell the truth now Ella, and Ella does just that. And so her mother is locked away and Ella sent to stay with her Aunts. It's an early lesson in where the truth gets you. Ella has never told the truth since. As she grows, the lies just get larger, leaving a victim trail behind her. She 'becomes' an invalid, a doctor, a teacher, even a nun. The trouble is, every time she tells a lie, a little bit of it becomes the truth - never more so than when finally she pretends she's dying. Ella has to find a way to peel away her many selves before it's too late and there's no Ella left to lie.
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Original Titles Now Available On Kindle

THE LAST GIRL originally published by Transworld is now available as an e book click on the cover to see moreSunday Times: The Story is tense, compelling and psychologically perceptive. Vogue: A genuine spine chiller. Daily Mail: A warning: don't be home alone when you reach the shocking, ghastly final chapter.
FIRST FRUITS published by Alison Busby is also published on kindle.The New York Times - Penelope Evans has an uncanny way with voices...the suspense turns on slow-dawning character revelations…..that are advanced by a sense of numbing dread, rather than the cold shock of total surprise. Working her subtle skills, Evans again takes us deep into the psyche of someone who isn't at all what she seems. Kirkus Reviews - A wonderfully creepy dose for people who look back on their childhood with uncritical nostalgia.
FREEZING - In her first thriller, The Last Girl, Penelope Evans created a memorable monster--and earned strong praise from the likes of Ruth Rendell and Penelope Fitzgerald. In her second book, Evans gives us an even more original central character: Stewart Park, an odd, ugly, very innocent, and ultimately most sympathetic young man who works as a morgue photographer. He becomes obsessed with the frozen body of a fragile blonde drowning victim.Originally published by Transworld this book is now available on Kindle.
SAVING GRACE Richard Ortega thinks he is an important writer. He manipulates for a living. Grace has reached a point of invisibility. Her husband has betrayed her. She can see that her life is unravelling before her eyes. Soon, however, she finds that a fantasy is being woven around her. A book enters her life, one unlike any she has ever read. And she meets Richard. His book shows her all that is truly important in her life but once the line between fiction and truth has blurred, Grace discovers that Richard's imagination is unwilling to ever let her go. Agents and publishers will recognise Richard (perhaps the source of inspiration for Radio 4's Ed Reardon). The book is both disturbing and comical.

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'………. page-turning compulsion and never flags till the last word has been read.'      Ruth Rendell
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